Saturday, 19 March 2011

Balance Transfer Credit Card Offered by Barclay

There is a new balance transfer credit card from Barclay. It currently offers 25% off on handling fees which is considered as one of the lowest offering. This will give an opportunity for the cardholder to settle any outstanding obligations and debts during the initial use of the credit card. The amount that will be saved can then be used to compensate for this need. One should just make sure to have more than one balance transfer to avail of this promo since this is a requirement by the company.
Application period starts now until May 3. In order to have eligibility for the offer, balance transfers should also be made within 60 days from the receipt of the card.
This offer on balance transfer credit card both applies to the new Barclaycard Platinum and also the Barclaycard Platinum Purchase Card. The only difference is that the latter has zero percent interest for 12 months which is shorter than what the new Barclaycard offers.
Barclaycard emphasizes its help to consumers, retailers and businesses giving them a flexible option to clear and have access to credits that are short term. Its global presence makes it one of the leading provider of financial solutions. They currently have 11.2 million UK customers and a further 10.5 million internationally.


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