Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Visa, MasterCard no longer viable for utility and property tax payments

By: Karl Yu

As expected, City Hall will no longer be accepting Visa and MasterCard for utility bill and property tax payments.
Cheque, money order, online banking and debit cards are now the only accepted payment methods of payment for those types of bills.
According to Grand Forks’ Chief Financial Officer Cecile Arnott, however, the city will still be accepting credit cards for such items as campground fees.
In late-December the city announced that it would cease to accept the credit cards in early-2011 and said that it would represent a savings of $30,000.
“We’ve done a little bit of legwork and found that a lot of municipalities do not accept (credit cards) and it is going to be a hardship, perhaps, for some people but we will be offering alternatives,” Arnott said at the time.
“We feel that the $30,000 would be much better spent in an information system program, whereby we’re not doing the ups and downs that we do currently with the two systems.”


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